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7 Tips to Relieve Back Pain

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Back pain is a collective name for a number of complaints to the back. Many people suffer from back pain. Do you also suffer from your back? There are a number of things you can do to relieve your back pain.


1. Sleep

With the issue of back pain it can often be difficult to fall asleep. Often you do not know how you have to lie down. You are possibly stuck in a vicious circle. Because you sleep so poorly you feel the back pain even more. A poor sleeping posture can worsen the pain. Try to lie down on your side with a pillow between your knees to keep the spine in a neutral position. This way you can relieve pressure from your back. Do you prefer to sleep on your back? Then slide a pillow under your knees. Also make sure you have a firm and comfortable mattress.


2. Posture

Didn’t your mother always use to say that you had to stand up straight and not to sit slouched? She was right! A lanky posture is bad for you. Especially when you have been sitting for a long time behind your computer for example. Sit upright, keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure that your body is supported by the back of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor.


3. Painkillers and muscle relaxants
If you have a lot of
trouble with your backache you might want to take painkillers. Besides acetaminophen/paracetamol you also have painkillers with an anti-inflammatory and fever reducing effect, so called NSAIDs. These are anti-inflammatory painkillers but may not be suitable for everyone. Ask first for advice from your doctor before you start with this. Do not expect the back pain to just go away, it only relieves the pain. In some cases it may also be possible that the doctor might prescribe muscle relaxants.


4. Strengthen your muscles
Physical therapists can teach you
the best way to sit, stand and move in a manner that is the most optimal for your back. They can also teach you exercises to strengthen your back muscles. Numerous studies have shown that improving strength, flexibility and endurance reduce long-term back pain.


5. Keep moving
At one time doctors often gave advice to take a bed rest for back pain. But now they know that lying down is one of the worst things that you can do. It may even worsen your backache. Rest therefore not more than a day or two. It is important to keep moving, but don’t force it. Sports such as swimming, hiking and yoga are particularly highly recommended.


6. Ice and heat
With a back injury or inflammation
it may be helpful to put ice on the sore areas. Try this a few times a day for up to twenty minutes. Always put a cloth between your skin and the ice to prevent the ice from freezing onto your skin. After a few days you switch to warm. The heat relaxes your muscles and it improves circulation. A warm bath or a heat patch can also help you to relax. Never sleep with a heat patch because these may cause skin burns.


7. Massage
It has long been known that massaging offers a solution to muscle tension and muscle pain. Recent research shows that daily massage for approximately ten minutes even helps in preventing inflammation in muscles. Therefore it is another handy way to recover from an injury.


Hopefully these tips have provided you with an idea of the many options available in order to instantly free you of your backache so you can feel new again.


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