With Mark Rutte as Prime Minister, it is just waiting for an attack

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Geert Wilders vs Mark Rutte

Geert Wilders is furious, furious with a government that does nothing to counter the “tsunamiof asylum seekers. And therefore give the ISIL terror cells the opportunity to set up training camps in the Netherlands to prepare attacks in the Netherlands.

Wilders thinks it’s a shame that Rutte and Company are undermining the security concerns of the dutch people in order to please supporters of the refugees from Syria. Thus increasing the risk of an attack in which perhaps many dozens of citizens may die.

Wilders says that the government is playing with the lives of children, mothers and fathers of the Netherlands. They are sacrificing the public’s safety and that he has already warned last year that this was going to happen in the Netherlands, but that he was ridiculed by politicians and was put down as a troublemaker.

Wilders is particularly angry about the weak excuse by the Minister of Security who announced to once again launch an investigation into the  possibility of terror cells in the Netherlands who came to the Netherlands from Syria.

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