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Alan Watts – Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear

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I am afraid of the distance between the individual & power. Once it comes out of the hands it becomes an instrument of destruction. But why, oh why do we never know who to blame in these cases. The countless cases, in fact most all cases today are this way. The rampant destruction. Because the individual succumbs to the loss. All things destroy. & no amount of insight can find who is at fault. The state stands over the people & takes. The people, blame the state. The people blame the other side. They blame someone other than who has in fact committed the original crime. The one crime that is the cause of all others. The individual, at a loss.


33 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear



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Origin of poppycock

Perhaps from an unattested American colonial Dutch use of Dutch poppekak, doll’s excrement (in contemporary Dutch, found mostly in variants of the expression zo fijn als gemalen poppekak, excessively pious (literally, as fine as powdered doll’s excrement)) : pop, doll (from Middle Dutch poppe, from Vulgar Latin *puppa, from Latin p&umacron;pa) + kak, excrement (from kakken, to defecate, from Middle Dutch kacken, from Latin cacare; see kakka- in Indo-European roots).


  • n. Senseless talk; nonsense.
  • n. foolish talk; nonsense.
  • n. Trivial talk; nonsense; stuff and rubbish.
  • n. senseless talk


Dutch dialectal pappekak : pap, pap (from Middle Dutch pappe, perhaps from Latin pappa, food) + kak, dung (from kakken, to defecate, from Middle Dutch kacken, from Latin cacāre; see kakka- in Indo-European roots).

(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

From Dutch pappekak, from pap (“soft”) + kak (“excrement”). (Wiktionary)

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